Kenthorp Supplies Ltd is now part of Comax UK Ltd 
01202 684111  

15th December 2017: Kenthorp Catering Supplies Ltd is now part of Comax UK Please visit or call 01202 684111 for more information or to place your order. 

Cleaning Equipment. Degreaser. Sanitizers. Dishwasher & Glasswash Supplies. Washing up liquid. 

Kenthorp Catering Supplies offer a large range of Janitorial, Cleaning Equipment. 
Including brooms, mops, buckets, cloths and chemicals. 
A selection of the type of products we supply are detailed below: 
Janitorial Supplies 
Hand Towel Systems 
Toilet cleaner 
Kitchen sanitizers/ degreasers 
Oven cleaner 
Glass cleaner 
Stainless steel cleaner 
Beer line cleaner 
Bathroom cleaner 
Anti bac spray/ cloths 
Dishwasher detergent 
Glasswash detergent 
Rinse aid 
Washing up liquid 
Solonet cloths 

Buckets, spray bottles, dustpan and brushes 

Buckets, spray bottles, dustpans and brushes

Mop heads kentucky and twine 

Mop heads, kentucky and twine

Brooms, lobby dustpans, sweepers and squeegee 

Brooms, lobby brushes, sweepers and squeegee

Mop buckets and wringers, galvanised and plastic 

Mop buckets and wringers, galvanised and plastic
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